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MakerSpace 101 Workshop by Plaz Tech Educational

MakerSpace 101

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Tuition: $239

A half-day course covering all aspects of bringing a MakerSpace to your school. Intended for Technology Teachers, Administrators, and IT Professionals, this workshop aims to provide you with the information, plans, and know-how make a MakerSpace a reality in your school.

Learning Objectives:

  • Overview of technologies – see the different technologies available today, and how they can be applied
  • Safety – make sure that your students can engage with new and cool tech, while keeping student safety a #1 priority
  • Planning – how to implement your program in the most effective way possible
  • Grant and Proposal writing – how to get your project funded
  • Layout – how to make the most of your space
  • Projects and ideas – we run through a variety of different projects for all grades, focusing on how to integrate different technologies
  • Common Core – how your MakerSpace will supplement student learning in new and challenging ways

Who Should Attend this Workshop?

Grades K-12 Teachers, Administrators, IT Professionals, Librarians, Technology Coaches and Specialists.

Other Information and Requirements:

Attendees must bring their own laptops to the workshop.

About the Presenter:

Martin Plazyk has over 10 years of experience as an engineer, a maker, and a trainer. His passion is bringing real world technologies and tools to the classroom in fun, exciting, and approachable ways.

A Georgia Tech graduate, Martin has worked around the world on state-of-the-art industrial systems, and has a keen knowledge of how the technology students use today will impact their own future.

With a great track record of preparing educators for new technologies in the classroom, as well as helping administrators implement programs, Martin can help you at any point along the way to bring real technology to real classrooms.

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Plaz-Tech Educational Workshops are held in downtown Atlanta, and include all class and project materials. Breakfast and lunch are provided.

All participants will receive a Workshop Completion Certificate.

Our goal is to help you prepare for the changing nature of your jobs, including using new technology and digital learning tools, providing ways to differentiate instruction, and implementing Georgia’s Common Core State Standards and other Standards.


Tuition: $239


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