About Us

Our Company:

Plaz Tech is a Georgia-based education start-up, focusing on training, lesson plan development, and consulting that brings together real world technology and tools to real classrooms. Combining education and industry experience, Plaz Tech focuses on student and educator outcomes that have a lasting impact in our world. 

Our Goals:

All of our training, lesson plans and projects have been designed with three main goals in mind:

  • Encourage students to apply technology to think and work creatively, especially in a collaborative environment
  • Expose educators and students to state-of-the-art technology and tools, closing the gap between the classroom and the manufacturing floor
  • Weave together technology, innovation, and 21st Century Learning Themes into lessons with a lasting impact
    on students

Our Team:

With backgrounds in education, technology, STEM and engineering, the Plaz Tech Team strives to be the catalyst that connects the real world with the classroom.

 Martin Plazyk With degrees in Industrial Engineering and Economics from Georgia Tech, Martin has spent almost a decade in material handling and manufacturing industries. He has spent time as a mechanical engineer in Germany, managed state-of-the-art machine and fabrication shops, and oversaw multi-million dollar package sortation systems for major parcel carriers. Martin has also held training workshops for DeKalb County Schools’ teachers.
 Katie Plazyk Katie studied Management at Georgia Tech. After graduation, she became a high school math teacher, spending 3 years in Title I schools in Macon and the Atlanta area. Katie provides the in-depth knowledge of pedagogy and lesson development to the team.

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